Antminer Z11


Antminer Z11 Specs

Model Antminer Z11 from Bitmain mining Equihash calculation with a most extreme hash rate of 135ksol/s for a force utilization of 1418W.

  • Manufacturer Bitmain
  • Model Antminer Z11
  • Release April 2019
  • Size 134 x 242 x 302mm
  • Weight 5400g
  • Chipboards 3
  • Chip size 12nm
  • Chip count 9
  • Commotion level 70db
  • Fan(s) 2
  • Power 1418W
  • Voltage 12V
  • Interface Ethernet
  • Temperature 5 – 45 °C
  • Humidity 5 – 95 %

Particulars and other data of the Antminer Z11 are as referenced underneath.


What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the interaction by which new bitcoins are gone into circulation, yet it is likewise a basic part of the upkeep and advancement of the blockchain record. It is performed utilizing exceptionally refined PCs that solve very mind-boggling computational numerical statements. Buy Bitmain Antminer z11 easily and safest way.

Cryptocurrency mining is careful, exorbitant, and just irregularly rewarding. In any case, mining has an attractive interest for some, investors intrigued by cryptocurrency in light of the way that miners are compensated for their work with crypto tokens. This might be on the grounds that enterprising sorts consider mining to be pennies from paradise, similar to California gold miners in 1849.

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Bitmain Antminer z11 increase hashrate is 135ksol/s. The number of Antminer z11 control board is 3. And the chip count is 9. These things make hash rate better. Bitmain Antminer z11 noise level is pretty high which is 70db. Almost all the miners are very noisy. That’s why you need to set it up in the basement or a soundproof space.


It’s really easy, to begin with the Antminer T9. All you need is a dependable power supply unit, a web association, and the links that go with the equipment; it’s actually that straightforward. You have to connect it using Antminer z11 control board psu connectors. It is the Antminer z11 connecting power supply cable.

It can likewise be an or more to set up your digger in a spot that is far away from the living space of your home as it will, in general, create commotion and warmth while hashing ceaselessly, and obviously, in a climate with temperatures underneath 350C to keep it cool without utilizing a lot of power. Antminer z11 cooling system is very good and efficient enough with a noise level of 70db.

 Power Consumption

Model Antminer Z11 from Bitmain mining Equihash calculation with a most extreme hash rate of 135ksol/s for a force utilization of 1418W. Antminer z11 US power supply requirement is 12V. You will require an ATX PSU with adequate 7 six-pin PCIE connectors.

All PCIE connectors on a hashing board should be associated with the PSU for the hashing board to operate. Bitmain prescribes the APW7 to control the Antminer Z11. Antminer z11 110v mains power is required for minimum. Antminer z11 power cord should be capable of carrying 120A current. So you should Buy Bitmain Antminer z11.

Antminer Z11 profitability

The Equihash calculation in Antminer Z11 is very easy. At the point when the contribution to a capacity is given, the processing time for the calculation solves it and gives yield increments dramatically with the information length. You can take the offer of Antminer Z11 amazon. Consequently, miners’ remuneration will rely upon the attributes of the particular transactions.

As mining equipment, the Antminer Z11 is extremely productive. With a high hash rate, generally low power utilization, and commotion levels that are not very high, Antminer X3 can offer worth to bitmain antminer z11 buy. Antminer Z11 profitability is higher than most of the Antminer. Antminer z11 liquid cooling system helps it to be cooled efficiently.


Buy Bitmain Antminer z11 from amazon. Bitmain Antminer z11 price is $2890 in prominerz. You can choose amazon and eBay for used ones. Grab the Antminer z11 for sale offers in Alibaba.

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Bitmain Antminer z11 setup

Great inquiry! After you have associated every one of the links and you are prepared to power it up, you can go to your program to begin the arrangement interaction. You can begin by going to the Bitmain site to find your excavator’s IP address.

From that point, the control board page will manage you through setting up your own secret phrase and connecting your own Bitcoin wallet to begin getting your Bitcoin saved to your record. Keep in mind, you can generally contact Bitmain’s client care in the event of a problem.

How to overclock Antminer z11?

Antminer z11 overclock is easy. For Antminer z11 overclocking you have to build the working frequency of your Miner. Assuming expanding frequency is absurd, introduce a custom firmware on your Miner.

Process for Antminer z11 overclock

  • Most importantly login to your SSH.
  • Utilize your IP address in your program. Along these lines, utilize the Antminers IP address in your program.
  • After an effective login, you will be shipped off Antminer’s Dashboard.
  • Select Miner arrangement > Advanced settings.
  • Note the frequency arranged by the maker.
  • Following stage is to get to the Miner Status tab.
  • Presently note down the hash power got by the gadget.
  • You should record the temperature of your Asicminer as a safety measure.
  • Perform benchmarking to make an ideal hash rate for your gadget.
  • The interaction of benchmarking incorporates testing temperature, soundness and power utilization of the gadget.
  • In any case, you can return and see your expanded hash power in Miner status tab.


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