Antminer S17



  • Manufacturer Bitmain
  • Model Antminer S17 (56Th)
  • Also known as Antminer S17-56TH/s
  • Release April 2019
  • Size 178 x 296 x 298mm
  • Weight 9500g
  • Chip boards 3
  • Chip name BM1397
  • Chip size 7nm
  • Chip count 144
  • Noise level 82db
  • Fan(s) 4
  • Power 2520W
  • Voltage 12V
  • Interface Ethernet
  • Temperature 5 – 45 °C
  • Humidity 5 – 95 %

It is valid – Bitmain is one of the undisputed pioneers and the most affirmed mining equipment producer in the world! With over four years of skin in the game, it has dependably passed on client grade miners that do what needs to be done. To be sure, looking at the extending inconvenience of mining Bitcoins, it’s astonishing how Bitmain really remains at the principal spot for making quality miners. Now let’s know about Antminer S17.

As of now, this Beijing based relationship (with working environments in Tel Aviv, Chengdu, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong among various bits of the world) continues staying focused on extraordinary equipment creation.

The sum of its chips is ASIC based and misuse Moore’s Law to remain mindful of industry guidelines. The CEO – Jihan Wu – and his gathering of architects are constantly working just to change the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Presently, it’s very certain that their strategy is working since their obligation to the blockchain time is irrefutably not going undetected. When Bitmain Antminer s17 was declared mining, corporations welcomed it warmly. We will see the Bitmain Antminer S17 (56th) review here. Bitmain Antminer S17 pro (53th) is another good miner. On March the 29th of 2019, the world’s driving mining equipment maker, Bitmain, formally articulated the business date of the Antminer S17 pro (53th).

This new ASIC earthmover is just for coins using the SHA-256 assessment, for instance, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. In this review, I’ll cover the backhoe’s extraordinary conditions and inadequacies and what’s more counterbalance it with its control.

Bitmain Antminer S17

Antminer S17 firm is the most recent delivery from ASIC digger maker monster Bitmain. it is based on second-era 7nm chip innovation. Which makes at present the most productive bitcoin ASIC excavator. In the event that you are following crypto mining you need to realize that Bitmain is the main producer for Bitcoin ASIC miners. As they have demonstrated that they can make productive ASIC mining rigs.

Their greatest replacement presumably was the Antminer S17 which was productive and effective for mining for not many years. As the greatest issue on the off chance that you need to operate ASIC digger ranch is that, in the event that you purchase mining gear there is consistently an opportunity that a more productive excavator will flood the market. Furthermore, the current excavator will get futile and will cost you cash to run it.

Where I do accept that ASIC miners like Antminer S17 paid off for some individuals on the off chance that they got it when it was delivered. ASIC mining business is risky and you could lose cash rapidly if a more proficient digger is delivered. From our experience, the most secure ASIC digger buys are BTC and LTC miners, on the grounds that these mining calculations are out seemingly forever. What’s more, it is absurd any longer to accomplish 10x productivity in cutting-edge digger creation.


Antminer S17 has the algorithm of SHA-256. The SHA-256 calculation is one kind of SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2), which was made by the National Security Agency in 2001 as a replacement to SHA-1. SHA-256 is a licensed cryptographic hash work that yields a worth that is 256 pieces in length.

In encryption, information is changed into a protected configuration that is ambiguous except if the beneficiary has a key. In its scrambled structure, the information might be of limitless size, regularly similarly as long as when decoded. In hashing, paradoxically, information of discretionary size is planned to information of fixed size. For instance, a 512-bit line of information would be changed into a 256-cycle string through SHA-256 hashing. But Antminer s17 low power consumption makes it better.

Hash rate:

Ask any veteran home excavator and they will reveal to you that the Antminer S17 is restoring the specialist mining area with its 56Th/s±5% hash rate that is simply greatest. This is uplifting news to home miners as the hash rate is ideal for diminishing power utilization to about 2520W. Moreover, its thin plan and a low noise creation will make this excavator another pioneer in the home mining industry.

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Antminer S17 power consumption

This is a delicate advance and you should be cautious about it. Clearly, the right power supply unit is significant for keeping your digger at its best presentation just as to forestall any harms that may be brought about by defective associations.

Antminer S17 firmware consumes less power than your income. In any case, for the S17, Bitmain suggests its own personal APW5 that conveys 2520W power supply and is advanced to build the power productivity of the Antminer S17. Go for some other at your own danger! Antminer S17 power consumption is apparently 2520W±10%. The Efficiency of Antminer S17 is 0.045j/Gh what makes it super profitable invest for the miners.

Antminer S17 profitability

To be honest, it is difficult to realize precisely how long any excavator will stay profitable. You will know the Antminer S17 profitability after using a while. Notwithstanding, with its colossal hash rate and its proficient power utilization, the S17 can keep on making a profit from Bitcoin mining for the following a year to come. This is why Antminer S17 reliability pretty high among the miners. You will be wondered to hear that the profitability is $18.25/day.

Antminer S17 Buy

Antminer S17 amazon price is $1700 to $2200. Antminer S17 pro amazon price is from $6,991.00 to more. Antminer S17 pro price is pretty high as it mines 56 TH/S.


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