Antminer A3


Antminer A3 specs

Antminer a3 firmware has the following specs or features. You can search online for more info. Antminer’s a3 frequency range is well enough in comparison to others.

  • Manufacturer–Bitmain
  • Model–Antminer A3 (815Gh)
  • Release January –2018
  • Size –125 x 208 x 321mm
  • Weight–4200g
  • Chipboards–3
  • Chip name –BM1720
  • Chip count –180
  • Commotion level –76db
  • Fan(s)– 2
  • Power –1275W
  • Wires –10 * 6pin
  • Voltage –11.60~13.00 V
  • Interface –Ethernet
  • Temperature –0 – 40 °C
  • Humidity –5 – 95 %

There’ve been a ton of amazing new mining rigs being brought to fulfilment lately, similar to the much-advertised Dragonmint ASIC. Next is Bitmain AntMiner A3. The A3 is now causing contention in the cryptocurrency environment, as some are energized for the new rig while others are seeing it as a danger. We’ll separate the circumstance momentarily to give you a thought of if the A3 merits the speculation.

Most importantly, what is the A3

For miners hoping to differentiate their tasks, the A3 could be a fascinating choice as the gadget is intended to mine Antminer A3 Siacoin (SC), not bitcoins. The dispatch of the A3 was sudden, and the move by Bitmain appears to be unmistakably pointed toward undermining the forthcoming Obelisk SC1 Antminer A3 Siacoin digger.

Here are some basic Antminer a3 specs:

Hash ASIC type: BM1720

Hashing calculation: Blake(2b)

Number of hash chips: 180

Hash boards per excavator: 3

Hash rate: 815GH

One A3 costs roughly $3000 USD at press time, with Bitmain promising to deliver rigs out ten days subsequent to accepting instalment. Antminer A3 power consumption is pretty low than other miners which are estimated 1275W. Furthermore, mining pool AntPool has burned through no time in proclaiming they will uphold Siacoin mining on the heels of the A3’s dispatch. Antminer A3 hashrate is 815GH which is pretty good comparatively.

What does an Antminer A3 mine?

Antminer A3 basically mines Siacoin.

Great for miners?

Bitcoin is the OG in the cryptocurrency space by far, so bitcoin mining has become somewhat inseparable from “cryptocurrency mining” all in all. It isn’t so much that there aren’t heaps of other intriguing coins to mine with regards to the environment, it’s simply that none of them has the primary mover network advantage that Bitcoin does. Bitmain Antminer A3 is one of the best miner hardware.

Along these lines, in purchasing an A3, you may have some factor in that you’re facing a challenge on a coin that is a lot more modest than Bitcoin both in terms of its community and its market capitalization.

Presently, this isn’t some end-all-be-all end. Siacoin is one of the additional intriguing activities with regards to the main 100 cryptocurrencies. Yet at the same time, Bitcoin is the ruler of the enormous cap coin, and its dug-in position will probably save these dynamics set up for a long time to come.

That implies that all the new cash that goes into the cryptocurrency field is initial must channel through bitcoin. And afterwards, obviously, a lot of that cash will probably remain in bitcoin over the long run.

This power makes it so it’s a far surer bet than the bitcoin cost will rise and perform reliably. With Siacoin, there are undeniably more factors set up, making a mining activity dependent on SC far less secure.


In any event, excepting the danger of mining a more modest coin like SC, the A3 might be more difficult than it’s worth. You have learned what is the profitability for antminer a3 for making decision to buy or not. For more investigation use Antminer a3 profitability calculator available online.

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How to set up Antminer A3?

Bitmain Antminer A3 Easy Setup to Quickly Mine

Antminer A3 PanelSiacoin is the primary Blake 2b coin that can be mined with the A3. The A3 arrangement is dead basic with Bitmain’s regulator interface — yet there are some announced eccentricities clients are having with Siacoin itself. They went from pools and wallets not perceiving the Siacoin addresses to labourers not making the A3 report the pool association as dead.  Antminer A3 Algorithm is quite similar to other bitmain antminers.

While in our testing the lone issue we had was the wallet address in the Siacoin GUI wallet not enrolling the recently made address, this was a basic wallet issue and not the excavator.

For this review, we utilized the Luxor Siacoin mining pool, as we needed to help keep the network decentralized by utilizing a more modest pool. Luxor Mining has an extremely basic arrangement, you utilize the wallet address you need to mine to and a specialist name. Luxor additionally has locale explicit hubs to help hold latency down.

Antminer A3 for sale

You can buy antminer A3 in Amazon, eBay and many other online shopping sites. Used antminer A3 for sale in amazon and eBay is also a great deal.  Antminer A3 amazon and antminer A3 eBay with best offers are for sale.

Stable Power Without Having to Manage a GPU Farm

Bitmain Antminer A3 Power Connections the Antminer A3 runs steadily — as (let’s face it) Bitmain miners typically do. The A3 runs poolside at around 817 GH/s to 823 GH/s. While the short-term five-minute midpoints will now and again show lower at around 740 GH/s or thereabouts, it evens out to 823 GH/s over a 24-hour time frame. Luxor gives a superb monitor board to you to check poolside details. You can buy Antminer a3 by batch.

During our tests, we ran on 220v force and the A3 pulled on normal 1176 to 1197 watts. While the cutting-edge Blake 2b miners will be twice as amazing, this capacity to-GH/s proportion is an enormous improvement over GPU mining Siacoin — regardless of whether you are double mining Ethereum with it. You already know how set up antminer a3. That makes the Antminer A3 an ideal expansion to the market, as Siacoin is developing both in acknowledgment and use cases.


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