Antminer t9


Antminer t9 specs

  • Manufacturer Bitmain
  • Model Antminer T9 (12.5Th)
  • Release August 2017
  • Size 135 x 158 x 350mm
  • Weight 3800g
  • Chip boards 3
  • Chip name BM1387
  • Chip size 16nm
  • Chip count 171
  • Noise level 68db
  • Fan(s) 2
  • Power 1576W
  • Wires 10 * 6pins
  • Voltage 60 ~13.00V
  • Interface Ethernet
  • Temperature 0 – 40 °C
  • Humidity 5 – 95 %

What is Antminer T9?

Throughout the long term, Bitmain has built up standing gratitude to its Bitcoin miners everywhere in the world as a straightforward equipment producer to deal with. Its Antminer are famous for their 16nm ASIC chips with gigantic hash rates that make tremendous benefits for miners. Regardless of the new Antbleed reports, the organization has kept up its ground as one of the business chiefs, giving Bitcoin lovers what they merit – dependable and efficient equipment! Antminer t9 release date was August 2017. After releasing it went sky high.

What is Antminer t9 for?

The Antminer T9 Bitcoin digger utilizes the most power-efficient Bitcoin mining ASIC chip in presence to convey a hashrate of 12.5TH/s and a productivity of 0.126J/GH.

In the event that you need to consider going all in and get a slice of the pie in the realm of Bitcoin mining, you will be happy to have perused this survey, in light of the fact that the Antminer T9 has been produced for individuals like you. Take it easy as we educate you regarding a portion of the top advantages of this equipment, including answers to a portion of the basic inquiries that individuals pose about it.

How to setup Antminer t9?

Setting up Antminer T9 is easy and simple. Just follow the pre cautions before installing it.

  1. Inspecting new miner
  2. Inspect miner’s cables and connectors
  3. Using the miner find IP and see if it is green or not
  4. Access to miner’s User interface
  5. Setup miners network settings
  6. Configure Miner’s pool settings
  7. Miner status check

For more detail info use the manual or visit Bitmain website.

1.Decent Hash Rate

Albeit the Bitmain Antminer T9 doesn’t exactly coordinate to the S9, it comes truly close at a hash rate of about 11.5TH/s. When contrasted with the Antminer S9 that accompanies a 14 TH/s, the T9 is your next absolute best at possessing an exceptional digger at a sensible cost. The decent hash rate tells how fast Antminer t9 mines.

2.Antminer t9 power consumption

Power utilization in any mining equipment is a significant element just in light of the fact that it can decide the overall revenues you make. Fortunately, the power utilization of the Antminer T9 is great for anybody attempting to diminish power costs since it just devours 1450W for its hash rate. Antminer t9 wattage is 1576W(rated).

Power supply for Antminer t9

Antminer t9 11.5 power supply 1850-Watt pack is assembled utilizing our X-connector correction X6B, 1 HP 750W PSU, and 1 Lite-On 110W PSU.

What is operating temp of Antminer t9?

Antminer t9 safe operating temperature is 0 to 40 degree centigrade.

Antminer t9 algorithm is SHA 256

SHA-256 is utilized in probably the most well-known verification and encryption conventions, including SSL, TLS, IPsec, SSH, and PGP. In Unix and Linux, SHA-256 is utilized for secure secret key hashing. Cryptocurrencies, for example, Antminer t9 uses SHA-256 for confirming transactions.


The brilliant standard in cryptocurrency mining is that your mining exercises need to get the benefit. All things considered, why bother mining on the off chance that you don’t get remunerates right? Fortunately, with the current Bitcoin swapping scale and its mining trouble level, the T9 can achieve in 0.09BTC each month meaning more than $400 each month. So, Antminer t9 profitability is huge as the Bitcoin reached $50,000 or more in this 2021. So, we can say Antminer t9 firmware is very productive for mining.


When contrasted with its archetype the Antminer S9, the T9 comes at an entirely sensible sticker price that ranges somewhere in the range of $1100 and $1300, contingent upon where you get it. Despite the fact that you should live with its lower hash rate, you will be glad to discover that it is a little penance to pay for its exhibition and benefit.

This is how the Antminer t9 mines bitcoin and makes you benefitted. Antminer t9 for sale in Amazon and eBay is running. You can buy at the price range of $1100 to $1300. Buy used eBay Antminer t9 at a very cheap price.

5.Quality Performance

Most Antminer S9 fans have been asking why Bitmain needed to present another Antminer after the S9 got extremely mainstream in the mining business. The reality, in any case, is that the T9 is a considerably steadier excavator with top-notch chips that are adjusted for extraordinary execution. Antminer t9 durability is tested and certified by users. Antminer t9 reddit reviews are available for you to justify Bitmain’s claim.

Can the Antminer t9 mine for Ethereum?

Answer is no. You can’t mine Ethereum using Antminer t9. Ethereum mining process is designed to be ASIC resistant. Then what can you mine with Antminer t9? You can mine bitcoin using Antminer t9 miner.

Antminer t9 mines what coins

Antminer T9 is simply intended to mine cryptocurrencies that are made utilizing the SHA-265 calculation. Nonetheless, aside from Bitcoin, there are a lot of different coins that are made with the SHA-256 calculation. These include:

  • Namecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Terracoin
  • 21coin

Antminer T9

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These are a couple of the numerous other accessible coins to mine. Remember that you can generally utilize an exchanger to change your Bitcoins to other cryptocurrencies too. So, buy Antminer t9

Antminer t9 rentabilidad

You can get a Antminer t9 rented for certain period or buy used one for mining. Taking a gander at all its commitments, it’s implied that the recently presented Antminer T9 isn’t just a distinct advantage in the cryptocurrency space yet additionally efficient and reasonable equipment any Bitcoin lover would appreciate.

It is a replacement to the Antminer S9 and conveys the very innovation with a plan that exploits Moore’s Law. You can get help from bitcointalk Antminer t9 users forum for any queries.


After you have associated every one of the links and you are prepared to power it up, you can go to your program to begin the arrangement interaction. You can begin by going to the Bitmain site to find your excavator’s IP address.

From that point, the control board page will manage you through setting up your own secret phrase and connecting your own Bitcoin wallet to begin getting your Bitcoin saved to your record. Keep in mind, you can generally contact Bitmain’s client care in the event of a problem.


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