Antminer S7


Antminer S7 specs:

Notwithstanding the APW3, you can really utilize any ATX PSU, if it is of adequate wattage, to run your Antminer S7. See the Antminer s7 frequency.

  • Manufacturer Bitmain
  • Model Antminer S7
  • Release September 2015
  • Size 123 x 155 x 301mm
  • Weight 3900g
  • Chip boards 3
  • Chip name BM1385
  • Chip size 28nm
  • Chip count 135
  • Noise level 62db
  • Fan(s) 2
  • Power 1293W
  • Wires 8 * 6pins
  • Voltage 12V
  • Interface Ethernet
  • Temperature 0 – 40 °C
  • Humidity 5 – 95 %
  • Hashrate: 73Th/s

The world is continually evolving. Also, to stay aware of the entirety of this change, you should keep yourself refreshed and outfitted with all the most recent information on what’s in pattern and what the world is discussing at some random time. Furthermore, if there is one thing the world is discussing right now, it is cryptocurrencies. Antminer s7 release date is announced. So, Antminer s7 batch 1 is now in the market.

Having begun with the unexpected yet firm domain of Bitcoins over the venture market, today, nearly everybody is by all accounts found the fever. Individuals who have never made a solitary interest in their lives are currently looking quickly for predominant entrances and trade benefits that bargain in Bitcoins. Everybody needs to tackle the full capacities of Bitcoin and concentrate as much increase for themselves as possible. Antminer s7 manual is delivered along with the product. Antminer s7 firmware is now widely used by miners for a long time.

What’s more, it isn’t simply Bitcoins. A lot of other cryptocurrencies are as of now encountering what must be depicted as a huge notoriety wave. For each one of the individuals who think Bitcoin is way too standard, there are a lot more comparable alternatives accessible. Alternatives, for example, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum are a couple of the extensive rundowns by and by productive and intriguing items to put resources into. However, where did everything begin? How to use antminer s7? You will know these things from this review.

Bitmain Antminer S7: How to setup antminer s7?

Presently to make your work of searching for a digger simpler, we will review the much-discussed Bitmain Antminer S7 in this article. Antminer is a brand name, genuinely famous in the realm of cryptocurrency mining, that cooks explicitly to Bitcoin mining Antminer s7 ASIC status.


Antminer s7 price is comparatively low. Presently while the S7 has been as of now been in stores for a decent measure of time, there has been a generous value drop related to it throughout the long term. At first, it was dispatched at a decent $2000, like the S9 at its present rate.

Notwithstanding, today, the cost of the S7 has dropped considerably to $440 at Bitmain, barring transporting charges. Other than that, it is accessible for $545 or $500 from eBay relying on whether you pick the new or the recycled model. Buy antminer s7 from Amazon and eBay.

According to the S7-LN barring delivery and a $439 on eBay for the new and recycled models separately. Presently as new models continue to enter the market, and gadgets like S9 end up being the new group top choices, the costs of the S7 are required to drop considerably further down. Antminer’s s7 amazon offer is now limited.

Antminer s7 profitability

Presently if there’s one part of a Bitcoin excavator rig that ends up holding the most significance, it is the productivity of the item. Working an excavator rig takes up a ton of your assets. Above all else, there is the expense of the rig to bear, and besides, there is the inordinate power devoured by the digger which can prompt a spike in your energy bills and utilization. Antminer s7 power Supply 120v.

Antminer s7 profit is monthly $50 initially. Presently for a normal family, we’re expecting a pool charge of 2.5%, a power cost of 15 pennies for each kWh and a block prize of 12.5 BTC per block mined. Presently for the above details, you would miss out on $18 each month and about $223 yearly.

On the off chance that you investigate the calculations, you will find that any individual who follows through on energy at ordinary costs will not actually be getting any more extravagant in the event that they end up utilizing the S7. For individuals with limited rates of power, it may appear to be a decent alternative, however. Antminer s7 bitcoin per month is $53.8.

Power Consumption

According to control contemplations, the S7 draws a nice 1293 Watts of power at room temperature. Temperature turns out to be a factor in this since the more sizzling the general climate gets, more will be the energy exhausted by the fans to keep the unit adequately cool. Contrasted and the S5, the S7 is twice as proficient in the energy division and just requests a nice 0.25 J of power per Gigahash.

Concerning the Lite form or the S7-LN, it draws around 700 W and devours somewhere near 0.25 J/GH.


There is a surrounding temperature that should be kept up while working a BTC excavator. In the event that the gadget gets a lot sultrier than the recommended temperature, it will get progressively intense for the fans to keep the unit cool and thus, your power utilization will increment radically alongside the ascent in execution problems. Antminer s7 overclocking can be solved or normalized by the support provided by the seller.


Antminer s7 hashrate is 4.73TH/s. Since the S7 typical and light forms both are cooled by comparable double 12038 fans, it really bodes well that the two of them need about a similar 40^C-70^C to operate at the full limit and with no hiccups.

Antminer S7 power Supply

The best fit for a Antminer S7 power Supply with the Antminer S7 is perhaps the 1600-Watt APW3 Antminer S7 power Supply unit by Bitmain. This unit has been exceptionally intended to work related and supply capacity to Bitcoin miners. One of its most significant attributes incorporates being profoundly power effective as it loses just a peripheral 7% of the power between the digger and the power source.

According to prerequisites, it would require at least 205 Volts to work at the full limit and doesn’t really come bundled with the 16A power line which is important to do activities. Presently while the APW3 is in no way, shape or form a moderate unit, it can really end up being a prudent arrangement for you as it will consistently uphold any future updates you wish to make on your digger. It will, for instance effectively support the much-discussed, execution driven yet eager for power gadget from a similar line-up, the S9.


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