Antminer S3



  • Manufacturer Bitmain
  • Model Antminer S3
  • Release July 2014
  • Size 137 x 160 x 331mm
  • Weight 5200g
  • Chip boards 2
  • Chip name BM1382
  • Chip size 28nm
  • Chip count 32
  • Noise level 60db
  • Fan(s) 2
  • Power 366W
  • Wires 4 * 6pin
  • Voltage 12V
  • Interface Ethernet
  • Temperature 0 – 35 °C
  • Humidity 5 – 95 %

The AntMiner S3 professes to convey up to 478GH/s while burning through 366W of power, making power effectiveness one of Bitmain’s greatest selling points. It is estimated at 0.75 BTC. In this Antminer s3 review we will talk about different specs of Antminer S3.


AntMiner S3 spec and effectiveness

Since the S3 produces 478GH/s (±5%) and devours 366W, Bitmain says its power proficiency is 0.77J/GH at the divider. It utilizes a standard ATX PSU, which isn’t given by Bitmain.

Because of the generally low by and large utilization, clients can pick an affordable standard power supply unit, albeit a PSU with a decent proficiency rating is prudent. The entire unit estimates 331 mm x 137 mm x 160 mm and it is cooled by two standard 140mm worker fans, set at the front and back.

The AntMiner S3 is the organization’s third era bitcoin digger and it depends on the new BM1382 ASIC, which is a 28nm part. The BM1382 should offer a 20% power saving contrasted with the organization’s old 55nm chips. Antminer s3 for sale at a very low price in eBay. Antminer S3 litecoin is easy to circulate for trading.

This is Bitmain’s true spec for the new ASIC, which went through testing recently:

“BM1382 has accomplished 15.75 Gh/s in hash execution, burning-through under 9.33W on-chip level at 0.75V. This implies 0.59 J/GH on-chip. In the event that the canter voltage is at 0.63V, the productivity will be 0.40 J/GH on-chip.” Antminer s3 setup easy and less time consuming. Antminer s3 voltage is rated to 12V.

Delivery soon

The organization says the AntMiner S3 should begin delivering from tenth July. The digger needn’t bother with an intermediary worker and Bitmain says it has made a huge effort to diminish the unit’s noise levels. You will get Antminer s3 manual for setup and use. You can order Antminer s3 upgrade kit along with the product.

AntMiner S3 should create altogether less warmth than its archetypes and with tweaked heat sinks mounted to all hash boards, the fans don’t need to run too quick to even consider keeping the digger cool.

Because of its generally low unit value, restricted prerequisites, and the way that clients can reuse off the rack PSUs, the AntMiner S3 should interest more modest mining outfits or individual miners.

Antminer S3 Price

Antminer has different price range. Antminer s3 eBay price is $230.

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Antminer S3 Profitability Mining Calculator

Delivered in July 2014, The Antminer S3, truly began the ASIC force of 2014 and carried us to where we are currently. Bitmain was extremely fruitful and many became moguls who mined intensely during this time with the S3 Ant miners. From that point forward, nonetheless, trouble has risen essentially to where this excavator which just mines at 478 Gh/s has not gotten practically terminated in nature.

With its horrible low hashing rate, the vast majority have quit mining, however, a few groups actually mine utilizing this old innovation. Antminer s3 bitcoin mining hardware has huge use in China, US, Canada and other countries.

Antminer s3 overclocking and support thread

The overclocked device hashrate is ~500GH/s at 250MHz.

Those with free power or almost free power may leave these running, however, most of us who pay more than 8 pennies Kw/h ($.08) shouldn’t be running these except if you like paying for power pointlessly! Profitability on the S3 isn’t so incredible and that is the reason we’ve slapped a profitability rating of 1 star on this ASIC digger.

Notwithstanding, with this melancholy and destruction, you actually can acquire around $.20-1/day with this excavator running at a full hashing rate. Profitability for this digger is practically unprofitable and we prompt going with the S7 or more models. The S3 Antminer mines BCH and BTC as of now.


The AntMiner details incorporate a hash rate of 478 GH/s±5%, a power utilization of 366 Watts at the divider, power effectiveness up to 0.77 J/GH on the divider, and a power supply of 12V DC. Estimating 331 mm x 137 mm x 160 mm with two 14038 fans mounted on both front and back closes, holding a working temperature of 0 °C to 35 °C. AntMiner is consistent with FCC and CE.

Antminer s3 power supply

The power utilization relies upon the PSU productivity, surrounding temperature and the exactness of the power meters. Bitcoin Antminer S3 power supply setup needs their own ATX PSU.

The S3 ships without a PSU. There are 4 PCI-e connectors for +12V DC input, however just two of these should be associated without overclocking, PSU is excluded. Never equal associate distinctive DC contribution from various PSU into a similar Hashing board. Antminer s3 power consumption is 366W which is very low in comparison.


The S3 mines remain solitary and need no intermediary worker. The altered warmth sinks mounted to the hash boards, one box over S3 to control the wind stream, two fans mounted on both front and back closes that means fans can work at a lower speed to disperse all warmth without any problem. This plan let S3 run at a much lower noise level.

Antminer s3 profitability

The AntMiner S3 firmware has a steady plan, running 24 hours every day with insignificant personal time. Hardware mistake rates from the example unit are pretty much as low as 0.01%, multiple times better compared to a portion of the Bitcoin Mining rivalry. Better energy effectiveness of the S3 configuration implies more reserve funds on miners’ PSU and power bills.

With the affordable cost of 0.75 BTC and the tranquil, stable, energy productive plan Bitmain Tech’s AntMiner S3 might be set to surprise the Bitcoin mining world.


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