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It’s impossible to imagine that cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade. What’s even more impressive is how rapidly the cryptocurrency business has evolved and how many millionaires it has created. We’ve all heard tales of people who forgot they purchased bitcoin in the early days, only to discover later that they had a fortune. Crypto currency is still on the rise. So, if you want to start mining you need to consider a mining device.

The Miner S1 was and continues to be a low-cost, dependable Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining machine. Just 360 watts of power are used. The machine absorbs a lot of heat when it’s running. This would be beneficial in the winter, as Asik will easily heat the space in which it is mounted. And the fan’s loud noise will prevent you from enjoying the sun for extended periods of time. As a consequence, it is beneficial to have a fitting space for such a miner.

ASIC Antminer S1 Specification

If there is a miner S1, do I need to look at the more expensive models? Let’s take a closer look at this. The equipment is shipped in elegant packaging. This is critical. The accessible structure of this Ashik is such a slight error. Nothing connects the two motherboards. That is, they are quickly destroyed. Furthermore, they are not dust-protected. If you keep the gadget in your bedroom, it can soon get dusty. In addition, the miner should be kept out of sight of girls. The garage is the safest choice. Much better, there’s a special room dedicated to mining.

Among the major characteristics, hashing speed is between 180 and 200 GH/s. The power consumption ranges from 360 to 420 W. As well as the kind of chips that Asik has installed. If there are 55-nm processors, for example, the power would be 360-420 W. The 28-nanometer chips can produce 80–200 W, but S1 miners on these chips are uncommon. The total number of chips is 32. The miner is about 5 kg in weight and it has got a Wi-Fi module built-in.

Unique equipment is included in the distribution, in addition to the miner. Asik has a built-in computer that can be referred to as a real computer. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are all supported. All that is expected of the user is that he or she customize Asik via their browser. That’s what there is to it. Go to the pool and remove Bitcoin, for example.

As you can see, the hash rate of the miner S1 is very high. Electricity consumption is low (on 28 nm chips, 80 – 200 W). The Bitmain Antminer S1 is quick to set up, making it suitable for newcomers to mining. It’s easy to use. It is up to the customer to decide whether to purchase S1 or more costly appliances. It all depends on your personal interests and financial resources.

Power Supply

Computer ATX power supplies with a capacity of 500 watts are suitable for S1. That is, Antminer S1 can be attached to the same device that is mounted on a stationary PC and consumes 360 – 420 W according to its specifications. Naturally, you can purchase a high-quality system with a thick cross-section of wires or a computer with two IDE power wire pairs. The use of special adapters is needed. After all, power ASIC is achieved using power PCI-E.

You have the option to prioritize Chieftec goods. Even more than Bitmain’s APW5 power supply systems, which have a good track record. This is a brand-new product that fits both 110 and 220V power sources. This BP will guard against network outages and congestion. It can run invisibly, unlike the miner. The high power also allows you to connect several S1 antminer.

Where to buy from

The cost of mining equipment rises in tandem with the development and popularity of cryptocurrencies. A new iteration is almost often more costly than its ancestor. For eg, Asik S2 costs nearly ten times as much as Asik S1. It is preferable to purchase equipment directly from the vendor because it would be less expensive than purchasing from intermediaries.

Bitman is the manufacturer of S1. Besides you can also find it on a third-party platform like Amazon, eBay, and so on.


They were and continue to be expensive. With the rise in the popularity of bitcoin, there was a surge of interest in cryptocurrency mining. Given the high cost of miners, the acquisition of AntMinera S1, which has excellent characteristics, was the best choice. It was particularly helpful to newcomers to the mining industry, as it is now. It’s easy to set up and totally cost-effective. It cost about 200$ in 2014. The current price ranges from 100$ to 170$.

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Connecting and Setting

Miner S1 is made up of two halves, one of which is in charge and can operate independently. Only in the case of the first does the second bind. PCI-E control is used to power the AntMiner S1. As a consequence, special adapters are needed. After that, Ashik links to his home network. The technique is easy, and even a beginner can easily comprehend what’s going on.

To set the machine you need to reboot the system and input the IP address that is on a sticker, which is above the cooler. The login in using username and password in the browser, where you typed the IP address. After that, you need to choose a pool and register your account and save the setting.

Bitcoin mining can commence after these actions in the Miner Status section and on the site of the chosen pool in the user account. Ashik’s architecture is well-thought-out, so the device can work flawlessly.

Advantages of Antminer S1

ASICs and their analogs now allow users to choose the best alternative based on their personal interests and financial capability. Previously, miners had to make do with CPUs. The hash rate on the top-end Core i7 was about 33 megabytes per second. However, this method of cryptocurrency extraction did not last long.

Bitcoin mining moved from the CPU to the graphic GPU in a brief amount of time. The FPGA generation then rapidly developed something more strong and cold. These chips lacked the versatility of the CPU, but they were more energy-efficient. The end product was pricey, but it was safe and lightweight. Another plus FPGA was small power consumption.

The previous forms were phased out as the ASIC era began. Aside from camera cards (mining on video cards is still very effective, it brings excellent profit). In comparison to other mining vehicles, ASIC miners provide the following benefits:

  1. Minimalist
  2. More efficient
  3. More energy-saving


Easy, no-frills ASIC Antminer S1 from Bitmain – a low-cost variant of Bitcoin extraction. It is not only affordable, but it also performs well. It uses only a small amount of power. 180 GH s is the hash rate. It is possible to overclock the system to 200–205 GH s if there is access to cheap electricity. The model is suitable for beginners in the field of mining because of its convenience and ease of use.


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