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Bitmain Antminer R4 ~8.5TH/s at 0.1 W/GH Quiet Home Bitcoin Miner


Perhaps the best miners Bitmain has delivered is the Antminer R4. Numbers don’t lie! On the off chance that you take a gander at the current figure of these miners appropriated across the globe, you will comprehend why this hardware stays a top pick for some. We will see Antminer R4 review for comparison. You can buy Antminer R4 in Riyadh, USA, UK, Canada, Beijing, Hongkong directly from the market.

We should investigate what the Antminer R4 brings to the table and, obviously, answers to a portion of the inquiries you may have at the top of the priority list.

Antminer R4 Specs

In the event that you are new to Bitcoin mining, you most likely two or three inquiries that you need answers to. Buy Antminer r4 batch for more income. Let’s see the specs of Bitmain Antminer r4.

We have accumulated probably the most frequently posed inquiries to help you through. Look at them:

Why is Antminer R4 so expensive?

Antminer r4 price

Presently, the Antminer R4 is the most affordable Antminer from Bitmain as it retails at pretty much $1000. Despite the fact that to some specialists this cost may in any case be high, you just need to do some calculation to determine whether it’s a wise venture dependent on its profitability.

Eventually, you need to get the most powerful excavator at a value that is sufficiently sensible, and the R4 is a genuine competitor. Buy Antminer R4 at a comparatively lower price on Amazon and eBay. Used Antminer r4 eBay price is pretty low. Antminer r4 amazon price and specs will be available on amazon.

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Where can I buy Antminer R4?

This is a simple one. You can discover utilized or pristine Antminer R4s in practically any online retail locations or you can even request one straightforwardly from Bitmain since they transport their items everywhere in the world. Remember that delivery costs will influence the general value you will pay for.

How would I set it up?

This is the place where the Antminer R4 really sparkles since it’s particularly intended to have a clear setup that anybody can perform. At the point when it comes straight out of the crate and you have your power supply unit prepared just as the links (counting your Ethernet link), you can follow this basic bit by bit cycle to begin mining. Antminer R4 interface suggests to follow the following setup rules to setup for mining.Interface your PSU to the power outlet and afterward plug in the links that associate the PSU to the digger.Recall not to associate various PSUs to a similar hash board as it will harm your excavator.

Before you power on, ensure your Ethernet link is associated. Presently you can boot your digger.It will require about a moment for your digger to begin hashing. At last, head over to your browser and set up your GUI with the fitting password and walled address.In the event of any problems, the R4 accompanies a simple to follow manage that will rapidly prepare you to mine.

Antminer R4 power consumption

This is a delicate advance and you should be cautious about it. Clearly, the right power supply unit is significant for keeping your digger at its best presentation just as to forestall any harms that may be brought about by defective associations. Antminer R4 firmware consumes less power than your income. In any case, for the R4, Bitmain suggests its own personal APW5 that conveys 2600W power supply and is advanced to build the power productivity of the Antminer R4. Go for some other at your own danger! Antminer r4 power consumption is apparently 2500W.

Hash rate

Ask any veteran home excavator and they will reveal to you that the Antminer R4 is restoring the specialist mining area with its 8.6 TH/s hash rate that is simply second to the S9. This is uplifting news to home miners as the hash rate is ideal for diminishing power utilization to about 845W. Moreover, its thin plan and a low noise creation will make this excavator another pioneer in the home mining industry.

How much can you make mining bitcoins with an Antminer R4?

There are numerous factors that influence the quantity of Bitcoins an excavator can mine at any one time. A portion of those factors incorporate power costs, ecological temperature, Bitcoin trade rates, and the pool used to mine just as the pool expenses.

With the R4 in any case, you can rough how much profit it can make with a basic number cruncher. By and large, you can earn back the original investment inside a half year meaning it’s a protected venture for home miners.

Antminer R4 profitability

To be honest, it is difficult to realize precisely how long any excavator will stay profitable. You will know the Antminer R4 profitability after using a while. Notwithstanding, with its colossal hash rate and its proficient power utilization, the R4 can keep on making a profit from Bitcoin mining for the following a year to come. This is why Antminer R4 reliability pretty high among the miners.

Is there an option in contrast to the R4?

Obviously, the following best option in contrast to the R4 is the Antminer S9. It gives a marginally higher hash rate meaning you should pay more for it. What’s more, albeit the S9 actually remains as the industry’s most powerful excavator right now, it isn’t streamlined for mining from home like the Anminer R4.

Antminer r4 mine litecoin. You can find reviews and ratings. Antminer r4 bitcointalk review is useful enough to make a decision. Antminer r4 reddit customer reviews should also be taken into consideration for buying and using Antminer R4.

Would I be able to utilize it to mine Scrypt coin?

Lamentably, you can just utilize the R4 to mine Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies that are SHA-256 based. Notwithstanding, with an exchanger, you can undoubtedly get your different types of cryptocurrencies with no problem at all. Antminer R4 litecoin is easy to circulate.

How might I overhaul the R4’s firmware?

Fortunately the R4 accompanies its own product. With the control panel playing out Antminer R4 firmware overhaul is just about as simple as squeezing a catch on your screen. You can likewise utilize a manual guide that accompanies the R4 to get around it without any problem. The other alternative is to just contact Bitmain for help.


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