Antminer l3+


Antminer l3+ specs

  • Hash Rate 504MH/s. A variety of +/ – 5% is normal.
  • Antminer l3+ Power Consumption 800W +10% (at the divider, with Bitmain’s APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C surrounding temperature)
  • Antminer l3+ Power supply Efficiency 1.6J/MH +10% (at the divider, with Bitmain’s APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C surrounding temperature)
  • DC Voltage Input 11.60 ~ 13.00V
  • Chip Type BM1485
  • Chip amount per unit 288 chips on four hashing sheets, 72 chips on one hashing board
  • Dimensions 352mm (l) x 130mm (w) x 187.5mm (h)
  • Operating temperature 0°C – 40°C
  • Network association Ethernet

The Bitmain Antminer L3+ is Bitmain’s first ASIC for Litecoin, Scrypt mining. At 504 MH/s the L3+ just contends with the Innosilicon A4+ LTCMaster in the field of ASIC Scrypt mining. Antminer l3+ best reviews.

The Antminer L3+ is a marginally more amiable ASIC to the home miner. It is more minimized in size contrasted with different miners and lighter. In particular, however, it isn’t as loud. Its commotion level can measure up to that of a loud fan, thus you could presumably manage it being in the room nearby. Net antminer l3+ profitability increases with time.

How to setup Antminer l3+?

Antminer l3+ setup is simple as it just expects you to interface it to the PSU and your PC (ethernet association), and you are prepared to mine.

Why should you mine LTC?

There are a ton of purposes behind mining LTC, and here are some of them: Antminer l3+ profitability is very good indeed. Antminer l3+ firmware is very efficient in manner. Your initial cost will be recovered within a couple of months.

LTC cost

Bitmain antminer l3+ price in amazon is $839.99.

Contrasted with numerous other cryptocurrencies, LTC is quite expensive. For example, on December 20, 2020, its cost came to $115.89:

Actually, like the cost of practically some other cryptocurrency, the cost of LTC can be volatile — it varies, despite the fact that, as you can see from the graph underneath, all through a year ago, it has never fallen lower than $60 (which is as yet not terrible).

Something else to specify here is that LTC is “following” BTC. At the point when the BTC cost builds, the LTC cost does likewise. Used Antminer l3+ for sale at a very cheap price in Amazon and eBay.

The quantity of blocks generated each day and the block age time

The inexact number of blocks generated each day is 576. That is not as numerous as, for example, for BTC (900), however LTC blocks are generated multiple times quicker. Subsequently, it takes just around 2.5 minutes for a LTC block to be generated, while the block affirmation time for BTC is 10 minutes.


Antminer l3+ hashrate pretty high. The LTC hashrate is 249.34 TH/s (as at December 20, 2020, 02:20 AM UTC), and that is a fairly high worth. The higher the hashrate is, the safer the network is. Aside from this, higher hashrate expands the miner’s odds for addressing the block puzzle and getting an award.


LTC depends on the Scrypt calculation that is truly solid as the blockchain. This implies that the coin will be accessible for seemingly forever so you will actually want to mine it as long as you need.

PoW mining strategy

While the Ethereum network will change to PoS (proof-of-stake) idea, Litecoin has no such plans. Consequently, right now you don’t need to stress that your mining hardware will get old for mining LTC.

Why the ASIC Antminer L3+?

ASIC Antminer L3+ from Bitmain is the best equipment alternative for mining LTC, since it is outfitted with 288 BM1485 chips that were planned explicitly for mining Scrypt coins. L3+ is a more powerful and successful gadget than whatever other equipment that mines LTC. Investigate its most significant details:

The greatest conceivable hashrate is 504 MH/s;

Antminer l3+ watts: The power utilization is just 800W. Different models burn-through substantially more — for example, ASIC Antminer S17 Pro necessities 2212W;

The working temperature is from 0°C to 40°C. L3+ is just not ready to overheat, and thusly “lives” longer. Thus, you will not face hardware personal times and benefit misfortunes that occasionally happen to proprietors of other ASIC models because of overheating.

Why mine LTC on L3+?

Presently you know the advantages of both Litecoin and ASIC Antminer L3+. You may be pondering — for what reason to mine LTC on L3+ and no other Scrypt coins? The appropriate response is extremely basic. Among every one of the coins dependent on Scrypt ago, LTC is the most beneficial one. Simply investigate this rundown of Scrypt coins and check their costs:

The screen capture incorporates just the initial a few lines, yet you can follow the connect to see the source and look down to the actual lower part of the page. LTC is the most expensive Scrypt coin, while the costs of most different coins don’t draw near to $1. In this way, ASIC Antminer L3+ is the best equipment for mining LTC, and LTC is the best crypto to mine an L3+.

Litecoin is a decent option in contrast to other famous cryptocurrencies, and in the event that you own ASIC Antminer L3+, we prescribe you to take a stab at mining it.          What’s more, remember to follow us on Facebook — we share a great deal of valuable news and updates that will keep you tuned and assist you with mining considerably more beneficially!


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