Antminer D3


Antminer D3 Specification

  • Hash rate : 19.3 G – 17.0 G
  • Frequency: 537 M – 487 M
  • Fan:  2 fans @ 12 V and 2.4 A
  • Fan speed: Front fan 6000 rpm and rear fan 4500 rpm
  • Operating temperature:  15 – 35°C
  • Surrounding humidity:   ≤65%
  • Noise: 76 dB
  • No. of PCIE connectors:  10
  • No. of hash board: 3
  • No. of chips:  180 in total
  • PCB temperature :  85°C
  • Power consumption:  1158 W +7% – 970 W +7%
  • Efficiency : 19.3 G: 0.1 J/GH + 10%
  • Voltage:   11.6 – 13 V
  • Weight: 4.75 KG – 5.10 KG
  • Dimensions : 320 x 130 x 190 mm – 320 x 130 x 210 mm

Antminer D3 Review

Cryptocurrencies are a topic of debate that seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Almost no one will stop talking about them, from customers to the general public and the media. It’s understandable, given that cryptocurrencies have helped to revolutionize the finance field.

Their power and control are no longer confined to a single nation but have extended across almost the entire globe. Bitcoins are practically everywhere, from western nations such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, among others, to eastern nations such as Japan, India, Russia, and many more.

Dash appears to be one of these cryptocurrencies. While Dash is less well-known than the widely used Bitcoin, if thoroughly investigated and thoroughly analyzed before investing, it can prove to be very lucrative, even more so than Bitcoin.

And those who have never spent a single penny in their lives are actually designing and pondering investment plans based on cryptocurrencies. Much of this is a direct result of the fact that these currencies are proven to have fantastic returns, virtually no losses, and a massive chance for big profits.

If you want to mine, it is wise to be cautious and prepare ahead of time before purchasing a miner, lest you end up with a model that loses more money than it earns. This article includes an overview of one amazing Dash miner, the Antminer D3, to help you avoid making those mistakes.

About the Manufacturer

Bitmain is perhaps the most well-known and well-respected cryptocurrency miner manufacturer on the sector. They are known for being conscientious, customer-focused, and product quality conscious. They now have a wide range of mining rig models, not only for Bitcoin or DASH, but for a variety of cryptocurrencies, putting them in a position to have the broadest and most powerful presence in the sector.

The Antminer D3 Features

Hash Rate

The number of problems a miner will solve in a second is referred to as the hash rate. Obviously, a miner’s efficiency improves as the hash rate increases. With a hash rate of 15 GH/s, the Antminer D3 is actually very capable.

Power Supply

Although some miners come with a power supply built in, others do not and need the customer to purchase one separately. Unfortunately, the D3 falls into the second group, which means that before you start running, you’ll need to find a good power supply capable of powering the unit.


Despite the fact that miners live long lives, a decent warranty duration is still welcomed. In the case of the Antminer D3, you get a good 180-day warranty period during which you can get the device replaced or fixed totally free of charge if there is a problem with it or if it suddenly stops running.

Power Consumption

The one factor of miners that sometimes leads to a large number of potential customers abandoning the concept is power use. Mining isn’t always lucrative, and there are likely to be certain setbacks along the way. It’s well, though, if the net outcome is quite favorable. On the negative side, one major factor contributing to your losses is the high demand for electricity on these machines.

It’s only normal that the miner want more control because they do a lot of heavy lifting and perform some pretty large tasks, like checking blockchain transactions and solving complex mathematical algorithms. However, this necessity often becomes an issue for consumers, since increased electricity usage results in higher energy bills.

On the positive hand, new developments are now in operation, and further progress is underway to create better, even more, energy-efficient mines that will lower energy costs while increasing profitability.

The Antminer D3 uses a total of 1200 W, which is on the lower end of the power rating scale.

Where to Buy

One issue with miners is that they are difficult to come by. While some of the more well-known ones can be found on Amazon, eBay, or other related e-commerce sites, the lesser-known ones are more difficult to find. If all else fails, you can still order them from the manufacturer’s official website, which in this case is Bitmain.

Furthermore, the Antminer D3 is available on eBay, making it one of the more affordable gadgets available.

Setting up Antminer D3

Unpack and connect everything. Any of the ten PCI-e links. The D3’s Ethernet cable attaches to your router. The extension cord to the power supply. The miner will switch on automatically, when the power cord is plugged in.

The Antminer D3’s user interface provides the Advanced IP Scanner for free. Install and run the application. Start searching your network for devices. When the scan is over, look for the word “Antminer” and write down the IP address. Finally, log in to your account o set up your wallet.

Mining Equipment

If there is one serious issue that often arises with cryptocurrency miners, it is that they heat up quickly. These miners are vulnerable to high temperatures and overheating, much as any other system that does any heavy lifting in terms of the processes it manages.

The miner is fitted with specially built fans whose primary function is to maintain the device’s temperature under control and within the specified limits. When the temperature rises so high, the power used by the fans immediately rises, allowing them to spin faster and thereby have faster and better cooling.

On the downside, this is precisely why miners always end in exorbitant electricity and power bills.


There are a variety of considerations that go into deciding the price of a commodity. The supply, demand, and overall performance of the commodity are three of the most important. When anything works extraordinarily well, it is only natural for demand to increase, and prices will almost inevitably grow as a result.

The news on the Antminer D3 isn’t that sweet. The D3 is one of the most expensive miners on the market, costing $2699. It’s almost as costly as the best-performing Bitcoin miner on the market, and it’s a ton more expensive than a lot of other decent-performing machines. The fact that Dash coins have been proved to be incredibly valuable time and time again is a possible explanation for this high number.

Now that you know about the Antminer D3 and the potential of Dash currency, it is profitable to start mining with D3. Considering the increasing fame of Dash it might get harder to mine in the future. So, it will be wise to get started as soon as possible.


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