Antminer APW3++



  • Wave and Noise < 1%
  • Voltage Regulation < 2%
  • Source Regulation < 1%
  • Burden Regulation < 1%
  • Arrangement, Rise Time < 2 S
  • Force off Protection Trip Time > 9 mS
  • Interface Type 5 sets of 6 pin PCIE connectors (10 connectors)
  • Clamor Level < 43 dB
  • Voltage Range 100 – 240 V A/C
  • Beginning Voltage 95 – 105 V A/C
  • Recurrence Range 47 – 63 Hz
  • Force Factor > 0.95 (full burden)
  • Spillage Current < 1.5 mA 220 V 50 Hz)

Bitcoin Mining and need for power supply

Cryptocurrency has truly settled itself as a foundation of the cutting-edge web in this day and age. As of the hour of composing, Bitcoin has gotten more than $60,000 in esteem and is on an upward direction going ahead. This implies that Cryptocurrency mining has gotten truly mainstream in the current situation.

Mining requires a great deal of processing power that is typically given by different graphics cards that work couple. Broad crypto-mining ranches have been set up that utilization the force of handfuls and even many graphics cards all at once to augment the productivity of mining Cryptocurrency. We are going to learn about the Antminer apw3++ 240v USA power supply.


What is an antminer?

Bitmain Antminers are mining equipment made by the Chinese organization Bitmain. Bitmain was established by Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu in 2013. Micree Zhan is a chip plan master, who along with Jihan dispatched Bitmain to zero in on mining as an approach to bring in cash. The Bitmain group before long got one of the world’s driving Bitcoin miners. Antminer firmware is the now the biggest mining pool for bitcoin mining. Antminer’s profitability is great. Net antminer profitability increases gradually.

What is Antminer APW3++?

Antminer APW3++ is a power supply for antminers such as S9, L3, or D3. Mining bitcoins requires huge amount of power. Conventional power sources can fault anytime while mining. So bitmain made some power supply for antminers to mine efficiently. Awesome cooling systems have made antminer apw3++ best for mining bitcoin. How to hook up bitmain Antminer apw3++? It is quite easy to hook up APW3++ with antminers use the manual and you will find it out.

About Bitmain

Bitmain Technologies Ltd is an exclusive organization settled in Beijing established by Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan in 2013. A month ago, it had was accounted for that the Chinese startup is getting more cash than Nvidia. In light of moderate evaluations of the gross edge of 65%, it tends to be determined that the organization made $3 billion to $4 billion in working benefits in 2017.

Interestingly, during a similar period, Nvidia’s benefit was $ 3 billion. One of the main explanations behind making such a lot of benefit is that they intelligently change the costs of miners as per bitcoin costs. The organization operates Antpool which is one of the biggest bitcoin mining pools. Bitmain also produces antminer apw3++ power supply which is more compatible with miners.


Bitmain Antminer apw3++ power supply

It has ability to consume power from 1200-1600W 110-240V for ASIC miner ANTMINER S7 S9 S9I S9J S9K SE T9.

Bitmain APW3++ Power Supply suggested input voltage is 220 V, utilizing anything past 380 V will harm the antminer apw3++ PSU. These are utilized force supplies that will give indications of mileage with dust/earth. All force supplies are completely tried preceding transportation.


  • Info voltage range 100 – 240 V
  • You can switch power distantly (to be set up without help from anyone else). When it is connected to network you can switch on or off by logging into bitmain IP.
  • It has dynamic power factor correction. The dynamic Power Factor Correction is PF > 0.99 (Full Load).
  • One of the most efficient power supplies for antminers. Most noteworthy that its effectiveness is up to 93.5%.

Short circuit, over-burden, over temperature related issues.  

  • Speed of cooling fan changed consequently with temperature vacillations
  • High force thickness, just 1.4 U stature measurement
  • Enhancement for warm design

Rated Power

(110V input)       1200 W


  • Low-voltage Input 80 – 89 V A/C
  • Yield Short Circuit Yes
  • Yield Overcurrent 134 – 185 A maximum.
  • Overheat Protection Yes


  • Working Temperature -20°C – 50°C
  • Working Humidity 20% – 90% relative dampness (non-consolidating)
  • Cooling Fan -Forced-air cooling


In any case, graphics cards are not by any means the only parts that are vital for a crypto-mining rig. Obviously, you additionally need to give bunches of perfect and stable capacity to those graphics’ cards, and that is the place where the force supply comes in. And bitmain Antminer APW3++ is such a good power supply for mining which gives best stabilization of power.

Since crypto-currency mining PCs and rigs have a great deal of graphics cards in them, they frequently require truly incredible force supply units that can deal with numerous graphics cards working at their most extreme burden limit.

For this rundown, we will be investigating power supplies that are intended to be utilized in PC frameworks, and not the units that are reason worked for mining rigs. Antminer apw3++ 1600w power supply is one of the best power supplies for antminers.


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